How to handle those earliest signs of aging

September 29, 2017

You're 45 and you see those first few wrinkles around your eyes. You look carefully and are in shock when you notice that your jawline just doesn't look as youthful as it did just a few years ago. Then you call my office...

We'll sit down and examine those early signs of aging. We'll look at your photos and come up with a plan to help keep you a step ahead of Mother Nature. In the beginning, it might be Botox for the crow's feet. We might do a peel to remove age spots. Filler is a great way to keep those lines away from your lips. And when that jowl becomes noticeable, we might perform an Ulthera procedure and disguise them with a little filler next to the jowl. Eventually, you may need an Instalift, to more aggressively lift those jowls and cheeks. And finally, a facelift might be in your future.

I used to put off facelifts as long as possible, using all of those noninvasive procedures instead. But a paper was published last year that documented that women who had facelifts earlier - in the 40s and 50s, did better long term. That means that the facelift actually prevented the inevitable worsening of facial aging. And early facelifts last longer than facelifts performed in your 60s. So, I've changed my plan for many women. And with my short scar facelift, the scars are usually difficult to see, even without makeup. These procedures are performed with you AWAKE, and you'll go home from the office the same day. And you won't need any pain medicine other than Tylenol...

Facelifts are one of my favorite procedures to perform and my patients are generally thrilled.