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now we are "Hudson Square Plastic Surgery"- announcing the opening of our new surgicenter at 497 Greenwich Street and soon, our new flagship office at 1021 Park Avenue, Manhattan....

Most plastic surgery websites are boring... and many are misleading.  So many show anonymous beautiful models strewn across the page.  And most of the time the surgeon never operated on that person - their web company purchased those pictures! So many sites show stunning photographs of patients, never with red, raised scars, seemingly defying the rules of nature. Unfortunately, while perfection is the goal, honest surgeons have a range of results.  Mostly average, some spectacular, and some that might not even be that great.  Surgeons who tell you differently are being less than honest and sites with consistently perfect results give you an unrealistic implied warrantee of perfection.  

This is a different type of site.  It's the straight talking plastic surgery website. There are no pictures of models, only real patients, and perhaps some basset hounds and other interesting animals.  My bassets (Fred and Olive) will guide you through the complexities of cosmetic surgery.  And they never show their scars.

My approach to plastic surgery is honest and straight forward, like my website, my books, and my skincare.  I help women look their best, and stop them from going too far.  I won't help you look bizarre, even if that's what you want. My idea of good plastic surgery is to help you look normal...average...not like an alien...  I spend a lot of time fixing the strange results of others... from lips that look like they belong on some sort of animal, to puffed out cheeks, to completely paralyzed faces, to enormous breasts and - new for this year - to cheek bones that only look good on Schwarzenegger.  If you want results like that, I'm not your plastic surgeon.

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