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Computer Imaging

Computer Imaging

The computer has revolutionized my cosmetic surgery consultations. Using the Mirror Image 3D system (Vectra), I can manipulate your photographs to help you understand what plastic surgery can and can not do. I can manipulate your images in 3D and give you an idea of what you will look like after surgery so you can have a more realistic expectation of possible outcomes. The system is most useful in facial procedures such as rhinoplasty but the computer can also be useful in body contouring and breast procedures.

Computer simulations do not guarantee your future appearance. The computer can do wonders, but there are so many variables associated with surgery that guarantees are impossible. For this reason, you will not be able to receive copies of the manipulated images.

If your consultation involves skincare, I use the Visia machine to evaluate brown and red spots, wrinkles, rough areas, and more. It can help diagnose your issues and chart your progress as you use my skin care or peels, or undergo surgery. The coolest thing about Visia is that it can assess how old you look. For instance, if you're 50 and you look 60, you might be very motivated to improve the quality of your skin. Once you've been on my skincare for a few months, we can reevaluate with Visia. Most people see their age (as assessed by the machine) decrease. Yes, you can look younger!

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