Noninvasive Facial Rejuvenation

Noninvasive Facial Rejuvenation - The "Midlife Beauty" Procedure

I figured that that headline would get your attention. While it is hard to call being poked and prodded by dozens of needles and chemicals and sound rays “noninvasive”, the term distinguishes a generation of new procedures from the old standbys that require incisions, cause bleeding and usually require some sort of intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Truly noninvasive procedures don’t really exist. But hold onto your seats, because we really are entering a generation of much less invasive facial rejuvenative procedures...

I spend virtually every day restoring beauty to women between the ages of 30 to 75.

Here’s what I do. First, I inject Botox (or Xeomin, Daxxify or Dysport - they're similar) to lessen the vertical wrinkles between the brows, the horizontal wrinkles of the forehead, and the crow’s feet. Sometimes I treat the bunny lines of the nose and even rumpled chins. Sometimes I'll even use Botox to even out an asymmetric smile or lower the upper lip in gummy smiles. Botox is so simple and so effective - there's a reason why over 6 million women have it each year.

Then, I numb up the midface (like a dentist does) and inject usually a hyaluronic acid filler. I use the Restylane Defyne or Lyft to fill the depths of the nasolabial fold, the marionette lines, and the depression between the chin and the jowl. Then I use Restylane Refyne to fill in those fine wrinkles around the lips and chin. Then, I outline the borders of the lips to restore the “white roll” that disappeared a few years ago. Then I inject some material to build up those philtral columns between the lips and the nose. Sometimes I use the new Restylane Eyelight to fill in the lower eyelid grooves. I might use Juvederm Voluma or Radiesse to build up your chin or cheekbones,. And then I might also use filler to fill in the horizontal neck lines or even the upper chest wrinkles. While most of what we do in plastic surgery is subtle or takes a while to see the full effect, that's not the case with filler. By the time you leave my office, you'll have a dramatic reduction in your wrinkles and the area around your mouth will be rejuvenated. But let's not forget the hands - Radiesse works wonders in hiding unsighltly veins or tendons.

For some of you, that's enough. But if you have splotchy pigmentation, we can do a light peel with trichloroacetic acid (TCA). This can also help some very early wrinkles. If you are really motivated, we can subtly lift your brows with Ulthera. Ulthera can also tighten your cheeks, lift your jowls, and it's the only thing we have to tighten crepey skin of the neck.

And if your nasolabial fold is really deep, we might do the incisionless wire release. That's a really cool procedure that aggressively rejuvenates.

You’ll go home and you won’t answer the doorbell. If you have these procedures on a Thursday, you can probably, but not definitely, go back to work the next Monday. Sooner if you go to Sephora and purchase Tarte opaque makeup.

Ulthera uses high frequency ultrasound to zap the skin, fat, and underlying tissues. This focused energy can be directed with precision. Ulthera can lift brows, cheeks, jowls, and necks. It can smooth the skin of the neck, cheeks and around the eyes. It can even reduce the fat of the neck. And all this without an incision or losing a drop of blood. Sound too good to be true? Those of you who know me or read my books know that I am a skeptic. But this technology shows so much promise that I am have become an early adopter. The Ulthera procedure adds 30-60 minutes to your procedure. Your recovery will not be lengthened, however.

Ulthera can also tighten loose upper arm skin and is the only thing that can rejuvenate the décolletage (I hate that word - that's the area of the upper middle chest that is visible with an open shirt). Ulthera really may help you wear more revealing clothing without being embarrassed by crepey skin.

Many women are unsure just what they need to look as good as possible. I prefer that you vocalize your concerns, because what I see may not be what bothers you. But if you are not sure, I can evaluate you and give my suggestion. I am not here to "sell" - my goal is to have you look as good as possible with the least expense and the lowest risk.

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