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Your Consultation

During your consultation, please be prepared to verbalize the issues that bother you and the problems that you would like addressed by Dr. Perry. You will discuss these issues, and Dr. Perry will perform a focused physical examination, and take photographs. Together, you will view your photos and, and if appropriate, digitally alter them to simulate what you might look like after a procedure. Dr. Perry uses the new Vectra 3D camera for facial procedures. Come in and experience this fascinating new technology.

Dr. Perry will discuss the pros and cons of various procedures and he will show you photographs of other patients who have had similar procedures. The time spent with Dr. Perry usually is in the one-hour range. As a bonus, you will receive a copy of Dr. Perry's award winning book, "Straight Talk about Cosmetic Surgery".

The fee for the consultation is $300 and is paid one week in advance to reserve your appointment. The fee is not refundable if your consultation is canceled after this date and is independent of any future procedures that you might have.

The consultation that you will have is very comprehensive and may encompass a discussion of skincare, weight loss, and nonsurgical and surgical procedures. This type of experience differs significantly from free consultations that other doctors offer. In those consultations, often a very short amount of time is spent with the doctor and the remainder of the consultation is spent with a nurse, a marketer, or even a DVD. As they say, you get what you pay for. Even if your consultation results in a decision to not have surgery, most people acknowledge that the knowledge gained was well worth the price of admission...

Formal Second Opinions

Sometimes you’re just not sure whether you should have surgery or whether the surgeon who you have chosen has the correct plan for you. You can take advantage of Dr. Perry's education and extensive experience by having a second opinion. During this hour long consultation, you will review the problems that you would like corrected and discuss the options that your surgeon has chosen for you. Dr. Perry will give you his best opinion as to whether the plan proposed to you is the best for you. He will make suggestions that you can bring back to your surgeon to discuss.

This consultation can be done in person or through video chatting (Apple’s Facetime on a Mac computer, iPad, or iPhone) works best and is encrypted on each end). You should have your office records from your doctor and your prior operative reports available for the consultation.

Dr. Perry will summarize his recommendations for you in a written report that you can bring to your doctor.

The fee for this type of second opinion is $500.

We recommend faxing these forms to maintain maximum confidentiality.