Tattoo Removal

Do you have a tattoo? You're not alone. So many people have one or more. But unlike buying new clothing, when you tire of your "tat", you're in trouble. Tattoos are permanent...sort of. I  use the "Q-switched YAG laser" (whew!) to remove the tattoos you don't want. But before you embark on a tattoo removal course, you have to realize some important things. First, the laser works best on black, dark blue, and red tattoos. If you're got a yellow and turquoise tattoo, my laser won't work. 2nd thing to realize is that it costs a lot to remove tattoos. That's because the laser costs as much as a house and you'll need nearly a dozen treatments to significantly remove the tattoo. 3rd, you're not really removing the tattoo. You're making it much less visible so that it is easier to cover with makeup. And when the color leaves the tattoo, it tends to cause a whitening of the skin. So, instead of the tattoo, you'll have a ghost of the tattoo.

If you haven't been scared away so far, feel free to make an appointment and get things started. I generally wait a month between treatments, so don't delay...

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