Ear Reshaping


Ear deformities are the most common congenital deformity. Most are very simple and can be considered a variant of normal. These include protruding ears and extra bumps on the ear. If noticed early enough, these problems can be taken care of noninvasively with the use of the new EARWELL device. I have been a very early user of Earwell and is enthusiastic about its use.

The Earwell uses the concepts we have learned from taping dog’s ears (why does this website always revert back to dogs?). Babies with protruding ears should be treated in the first few weeks of life, but I have had success with the Earwell in children as old as 6 weeks. The painless device molds the ear into the proper shape over the course of 2-6 weeks. If your baby is born with this problem, please call as soon as possible and explain to the receptionist that you need an appointment within a week.

In older children and adults, surgery is required to reposition the ears. A procedure called an otoplasty is used to reshape the ears. I make my incisions behind the ears, so they should not be visible when looking at other people. This is an outpatient procedure the bends the cartilages of the ears to their more normal position. Some of my happiest patients have been adults who uniformly say, “why did I wait so long?”