Ear Reshaping

Ear Rejuvenation!

Ears are the "forgotten stepchild" of facial rejuvenation... But so many women have earrings that have pulled through, or earlobes that are stretched out, or earlobes that have shriveled up and wrinkled. Why hide those ears and your beautiful earrings? I have all sorts of procedures that can improve their appearance.

If your earrings have pulled through, I repair those holes and repierce your ears. Did you now that your earlobes shouldn't hang more than 15 centimeters below your ear canal? If they do, I can shorten them (" a little off the bottom?"). If they are wrinkled, I can inject filler or laser them. And if you deformed your earlobes with those "gauges", I've figured out how to fix them, too.

In older children and adults, surgery is required to reposition the ears. A procedure called an otoplasty is used to reshape the ears. I make my incisions behind the ears, so they should not be visible when looking at other people. This is an outpatient procedure the bends the cartilages of the ears to their more normal position. Some of my happiest patients have been adults who uniformly say, “why did I wait so long?”