Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

One of the hot areas in plastic surgery is laser hair removal - (pun intended).

With light energy specifically tuned to the wavelength of hair follicles, hair can be destroyed. I use the Lumenis LightSheer laser. This laser is approved by the FDA for permanent hair reduction. Realistically, only a portion of the hair is removed with each treatment. It takes about 3 treatments to remove 80% of the hair and 4 treatments to remove 90%. These numbers are true only if you have light skin and dark hair. And, remember, we can’t guarantee these numbers in everyone. The darker the skin and the lighter your hair, the less effective is the laser.

Imaging not having to shave, wax, or lighten your hair! Women who have had to shave their chins for decades experience a new sense of freedom after laser hair removal. Imagine not having to shave under your arms. Imagine not worrying about hair protruding from bathing suits. Laser hair removal may be your answer.


The laser is extremely safe, although people with olive complexions or darker may experience problems. These people may develop blisters or white or dark spots, or even scarring after the procedure. Some people require pretreatment with a pigment reducer called "hydroquinone" or my NightSkin for weeks or months prior to the procedure. All in all, this is a medical procedure, not one that should be performed in a spa or a salon. The laser is a powerful instrument, and must be taken seriously.

Areas in women that can be treated include the face, cheeks, lips, eyebrows, chin, underarms, bikini area, legs and thighs.