Daxxify is here!

I've been injecting Botox since 1997. I figure I've injected close to 7500 people during that time. Over the years, I've also injected similar botulinum toxins, called Xeomin and Dysport. Those work basically the same way as Botox, and last as long. In fact, with very few exceptions, I never saw much of a difference between the products. Now, there's another product, called Daxxify. I received mine last week and I am very excited to use it.  Daxxify purportedly lasts 6 months in 50% of people.  Longer in some. Contract that to 3-3.5 months duration for 50% of people who receive Botox and the others. And an advantage of Daxxify is that is the only product made without human proteins added. Now, there's never been a problem with the use of that human protein, but if a new company can do without it, that's probably preferable.

The downside to Daxxify? It will cost more than the other products. But then, it's worth the convenience of having to "dose up" twice a year instead of three times.