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Perry Plastic Surgery

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  • To schedule a consultation with Dr. Perry in his NYC or NJ offices, call (732) 422-9600 or (212) 753-1820.  

    During your consultation, Dr. Perry will review your medical history, examine you, take photos, and possibly perform computer imaging or skin analysis.  He'll discuss the options that can improve your appearance.  

    Procedures are not performed during the visit.  Laboratory tests  and medical clearance are often required prior to procedures.  

    Please read Dr. Perry's book, Straight Talk About Cosmetic Surgery, before your appointment to learn about your options.  If you have already had plastic surgery, bring your operative reports and preoperative photographs to your consultation.


The Straight Talking Plastic Surgery Website

Most plastic surgery websites are boring.  So many show anonymous beautiful models strewn across the page.  Most of the time the surgeon never operated on that person. Those sites show stunning photographs of patients, never with red, raised scars. Unfortunately, while perfection is the goal, honest surgeons will have a range of results.  Mostly average, some spectacular, and some that might not even be that great.  Surgeons who tell you differently are being less than honest and sites with consistently perfect results give you an unrealistic implied warrantee of perfection.  

This is a different type of site.  It's the straight talking plastic surgery website. There are no pictures of models, only basset hounds and maybe some other interesting animals.  My bassets will guide you through the complexities of cosmetic surgery.  And they never show their scars.

Wrinkles Getting You Down?

Worrying about Obamacare makes your wrinkles worse.  We'll try and help you out - cosmetically and financially.  

February is a great month for facial rejuvenation.  My solution to your aging face is a strong skin care program with my NightThyme/DayThyme regimen along with key procedures such as wrinkle filling with Restylane or Belotero, cheekbone and cheek filling with Voluma, lifting of jowls, brows, and skin tightening with Ulthera, and evening out of skin tone with a chemical peel.  These procedures can have a dramatic effect on appearance, without having to even look inside an operating room.  Give a call to the office to discuss these procedures.  During the month of February, we will apply your consultation fee to any treatment that you have before March 31, 2014.

New patients require a consultation ($300 fee) prior to any treatment, which will be applied to the treatment fee during this special.