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Over the past 15 years, the growth of the so-called noninvasive procedures has been incredible, while traditional cosmetic surgical procedures have not increased in popularity. The reason for this is obvious. Noninvasive procedures are cheaper, faster, less risky, and have less downtime that surgical procedures. But they are limited in what they could do. And no invasive procedure could dramatically lift the jowls. And so the stage was set for Instalift.

Instalift is a type of stitch - a suture that contains little cones. The stitch is embedded in the fibrous tissue beneath the cheek and jowl and then lifted up and over. Almost magically, the cheek lifts. The stitch dissolves over a year and the lift stays put for a year or two.

The Instalift is new. And new things can be unpredictable. But I like the science behind the Instalift and so I am now performing the procedure. Along with Botox, fillers, Ulthera and peels, we now have so many different ways to rejuvenate...without using a scalpel.

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